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Master Ivan Chen

 Ivan Chen is a 4th Degree black belt who is well versed in both Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do (Olympic style).  Ivan is proficient in multiple martial arts including: Boxing, Muay Thai and Wing Chun. He has 16 years of Martial Arts experience, 8 of which he spent teaching.  Ivan enjoys incorporating Cardio in all of his classes. Additional merits include:

 Co- Captain of the USA Team that won Gold in the International IMA Tournament.

 Grand Champion in 2011 IMA North America Tournament for Free Fighting.

 2012 IMA International /World light weight Free Fighting Champion.

 Co-Director of the Atco/Medford Demo Team.

Master Michael Purcell

 Michael Purcell is a 4th Degree black belt with 15 years of experience in Tang Soo Do. Michael is a NJ certified Teacher in General Education and Special Education from Rutgers University.Some of his Merits in Tang Soo Do/ IMA include:

 Team Captain of the IMA USA Free Fighting Team, which he led to a victory over the Irish team to become the 2014 international Free Fighting team Champions.

 Co-Director of the Atco/Medford Demo Team and 2nd Place IMA North American Competition Demo Team.

 2014 40th National All Martial Arts Championship Heavy Weight Free Fighting Champion.

 2012/2013 IMA North American Heavy Weight Free Fighting Champion.

 2010 Garden State Invitational Heavy Weight Free Fighting Champion.